Jon Dillard

Jon Dillard (Baltimore Sun photo by Algerina Perna / May 24, 2012)

At 5-11, 165 pounds, Jon Dillard  looks like a regular, inconspicuous college student. For three years at Maryland, that’s exactly what he was.

But everything about Dillard’s college experience changed last fall when Terps coach Mark Turgeon held open tryouts for the varsity basketball team. Dillard, who starred for Maryland’s club team during his first three years of college, was one of two players – along with Jonathan Thomas – to earn the invite to join Turgeon’s squad.

Dillard, a kinesiology major, appeared in seven games for the Terps last season, scoring two points in 11 minutes. The walk-on from Yorktown, Va., discussed his Maryland career with The Sun earlier this week.

How did you end up at Maryland in the first place?

I was just interested in their academics. I realized it was a big research institution. I liked that. I didn’t really have any other interest from DI schools for basketball. I was focused on education.

Were you recruited by any schools for basketball?

A couple DIII schools. Christopher Newport University was one I was looking at. But other than that, nothing real big.

How was your experience on the club basketball team?

It was really good. I had a lot of fun. A lot of good people definitely helped me improve my basketball skills. As far as by the time I walked on to the basketball team senior year, from my senior year of high school, I came a pretty far way.

What was a typical week like playing for the club team?

It wasn’t too structured. Only two practices a week. However, we did have student coaches who set up tournaments that were really good. We’d play kids from other schools – Princeton, James Madison, U.Va. You get a lot of good tournaments where you’d play five or six games against these schools.

Were you one of the top club players right away?

Yeah, my freshman year I was the sixth man. Sophomore and junior year I was probably one of the top few players on the team.

How did you find out about the tryouts for the varsity team? Did you immediately decide that you were going to try out?

I actually heard about them from a friend on Maryland’s cross country team. We were chatting on Facebook and he said, ‘There’s a rumor that the new coach wants to add guys to the roster.’ So I just started working out over the summer with a friend of mine. He started training me, just to get in shape. We’d get in the gym a lot. I got to College Park when school started, and I just continued working out.

What do you remember about those tryouts?

Tryouts, the only thing I remember about tryouts was how hard it was physically just because we weren’t really in shape yet. Doing the defensive drills and going so hard to try and impress the coaches, really giving 110 percent. I remember being winded really easily.

Were you pretty confident that you were going to make the team?

I had a good feeling about it after the tryouts. I got the call back. I got the next tryout and they made cuts again. Then they were going to bring it down to just four kids. Originally, they told us that there would be cuts and a phone call a day later. I waited three days, no phone call, no voicemail. I had almost given up. I contemplated calling my mom [and telling her], ‘The gig is up. It’s the end of the road.’ As I started to call my mom, I got a voicemail that said I got in the top four. That’s when I knew – I had come this far. I wouldn’t let it pass me by.