Just the grind with your teammates, competing and working for something bigger and better than yourself. All the time you put in the offseason, all the weights and everything you put in to try to be successful. It was definitely a good experience; something you miss when it’s finished. There’s really nothing like it.

Have you graduated?

Yes I have. I graduated this past fall. In December I walked, after the season.

What was your major?

Communications and American Studies.

What have you been doing since then?

I just started working for a government contracting company (LMN Solutions in Reston, Va.). I was just doing a lot of networking and job hunting, stuff like that. I was just trying to figure out what I wanted to do.

How did you get into that line of work?

It’s just something that I kind of came into. I’d eventually like to do something in sales and sports. This was just an opportunity that presented itself. It’s not necessarily long-term, but it’s something good for experience. I can go from there.

How does it feel being six months removed from your last football game?

It’s definitely weird. Like I said, you just get so used to it, doing it all the time. But the guys I’m closest with, I stay in touch with. I go back to Maryland pretty often to check guys out for spring practice and to just hang out. I guess it makes you miss it a little bit. But it comes to an end for everybody.

Which guys on the team are you still in touch with?

I’m especially close with three defensive backs there now: Eric Franklin, Matt Robinson and Dexter McDougle. We were always pretty close when I was there. When they came in, I was the older guy who maybe looked out for them a little bit. We developed pretty good relationships through that process. And I still remain in pretty good contact with all those guys. Definitely friends for life.

Any last thoughts on your Maryland career?

I had a very great and positive experience. There were ups and there were downs as a team. We never really accomplished the goal we set to win a championship, but it was a very, very positive experience. I learned a lot from it and made some great friends.