Asked whether not getting either Duke or North Carolina at home was fair, Turgeon said: “I just think it’s the way it is. It’s life. It’s what we’ve got to do. We get Syracuse at home and Notre Dame at home. Those are two good ones for our fans. For our fans, I would have loved to have Carolina and Duke here. It didn’t work out that way.”

Sophomore point guard Seth Allen said: “I see an unbelievable opportunity to come upon four great wins. A North Carolina team that hasn’t been so good as they have been in the past, we should be able to get a win on the road. The next three of four on the road, and we have Florida State [at Comcast Center]. We’ve been pretty good team playing at home. We’re going to take this opportunity and try to take advantage of it.”

It will certainly be a reversal of fortune. Maryland’s win Saturday in Blacksburg was only the sixth in 27 true road games since Turgeon took over the program. The Terps are a combined 2-17 against North Carolina (0-6) Florida State (0-4), Virginia (0-4) and Duke (2-3).


There’s been a lot of talk this season about Terps players taking advantage of Turgeon. Since the media isn’t allowed to watch practice, it’s hard to say how Turgeon acted in the aftermath of early season losses to Boston University and Oregon State or recently at North Carolina State.

Turgeon said after Saturday’s win over Virginia Tech that blowing an 11-point lead early in the second half to a Wolfpack team playing without the conference's leading scorer, T.J. Warren, forced the third-year coach to “really turn into a jerk.” But there’s a certain part of me that believes it’s not sustainable because his players know that’s not who Turgeon really is.

Even Smotrycz didn’t sound convinced.

He wasn’t even sure when Turgeon had these transformation.

“To be honest, I don’t really know,” Smotrycz said. “At this point in my career, I’ve heard about everything a coach can say and have been a part of any tactic they can kind of use to get a team going. Sometimes they don’t have to be your friend, but they want to win games.

“We want to win games, too. We know our coaches love us and everything they do is for our betterment. If guys just can not take what everyone says -- especially the young guys -- to heart and just use it to make them better, we’ll continue to trend the way we’re going.”