Terps football notes: Coaches still looking for a workhorse tailback

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Maryland is fortunate to have tailback depth.

The team has not designated a starter for Saturday's Wake Forest game among Wes Brown, Brandon Ross, Justus Pickett and Albert Reid.

Each has more than 15 carries this season, with Brown leading in yardage (127) and average yards per carry (5.5).

Brown may be the most powerful at 210 pounds. Pickett has been used a third-down back. Reid started the opening game, and Ross started the last game.

“It’s an advantage in that they each bring something different to the table,” offensive coordinator Mike Locksley said.

But Locksley said coaches hope one back emerges from the pack. Maryland would still like a workhorse.

“We’d like to see is a guy kind of take the position by the reins and do some things, but we also want to put the best player on the field that gives us the best chance to be successful in particular areas of what we do on offense,” Locksley said.

“If one guy is a better pass protector, we like to have that guy on the field. If one guy is a better short-yardage runner, you’d like to have that luxury to do that. In a perfect world, would you like a guy that does all four? No doubt.”


Former Australian Rules Football player Brad Craddock has been watching as many NFL games as he can.

The Maryland kicker is still acclimating to America -– and to American football.

What does he focus on when he watches NFL games?

“Not just the kicking, but offense (and)  defense.”

It’s all new to him.

Craddock, a freshman, expected to be pushed by senior Nick Ferrara, who has been out with a hip injury. Ferrara’s return this season is uncertain.

“I always thought he was coming back,” Craddock said. “He seems to be pretty hurt. I feel bad for him. That’s football, I guess.”


Maryland fullback Tyler Cierski, who suffered a concussion earlier in the season, returned for the West Virginia game on Sept. 22.

Although he seldom gets carries, his presence is important.

“It helps out a lot,” quarterback Perry Hills said Tuesday. “He’s a great blocker. Whenever we throw to him out in the flat, he can run with the ball. He’s hard to tackle. He a big guy, so it really feels good to have him out there again.”

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