Thoughts on Maryland's defensive-oriented spring game

The Baltimore Sun

Random observations from Maryland's Red-White game:

* Aren't these games supposed to be shootouts? This one clearly wasn't. Not with 13 sacks and only two touchdowns.

I think Maryland's defense, which struggled last season with injuries and inexperience, will be improved. The question, of course, is by how much. A lot will depend on how well guys can return from injuries. I'm talking about linebacker Kenny Tate and safety Matt Robinson, among others. Also, defensive lineman Joe Vellano (foot) missed Saturday's game.

* It was not a terrific game for quarterback  C.J. Brown. In his defense, the offense was kept largely under wraps, and the mobile Brown was hampered by quick whistles ending plays when defenders approached him.

How much will Brown be aided by the incoming freshmen, particularly the Good Counsel duo of  receiver Stefon Diggs and running back Wes Brown? If you're a Terps fan, you hope the answer is "a lot."

On Saturday, it was the defense's turn to show some swagger. Remember that this defense had precious little to celebrate last season.

The defense was without Vellano, Tate (knee) and linebacker Darin Drakeford, who was held out to concentrate on his studies.

"We got 13 legitimate sacks," defensive lineman A.J. Francis said. "Kenny wasn’t out there, Drake wasn't out there, Joe wasn’t there. And those are arguably the best players on defense. It really makes you think how good we could be." 

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