Multi-colored Terps "Pride" uniforms expected to return Saturday

The Baltimore Sun

For those of you anticipating the return of the "Maryland Pride" football uniforms, the wait appears to be over.

Maryland is planning to wear the uniforms – yes, THOSE uniforms – for Saturday’s game against Georgia Tech, according to multiple folks in the know. The school hasn’t yet made an announcement.

These uniforms will actually be a variation (different color scheme, I’m told) than the multi-colored Under Armour creations that debuted in last season’s opener against Miami.  But the “Pride” helmet – the one that invokes the Maryland state flag – is expected to remain the same.

The Pride uniforms sure made a splash last year.

My newspaper wrote: “Football met fashion Monday night -- and it wasn't pretty.”

And: “Where some fans were seeing a blinding mish-mash, a tacky collision of checkered flags, taxi cabs, state flags and who-knows-what, Under Armour saw only an inspired homage to the Free State.”

If you’re a Maryland fan, you just hope the uniforms can give the team a lift.

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