Terps uniforms

The Terps are likely to wear a variation of these "Pride" uniforms for the first time this season Saturday against Georgia Tech. (Mitch Stringer, US PRESSWIRE / November 12, 2011)

For those of you anticipating the return of the "Maryland Pride" football uniforms, the wait appears to be over.

Maryland is planning to wear the uniforms – yes, THOSE uniforms – for Saturday’s game against Georgia Tech, according to multiple folks in the know. The school hasn’t yet made an announcement.

These uniforms will actually be a variation (different color scheme, I’m told) than the multi-colored Under Armour creations that debuted in last season’s opener against Miami.  But the “Pride” helmet – the one that invokes the Maryland state flag – is expected to remain the same.

The Pride uniforms sure made a splash last year.

My newspaper wrote: “Football met fashion Monday night -- and it wasn't pretty.”

And: “Where some fans were seeing a blinding mish-mash, a tacky collision of checkered flags, taxi cabs, state flags and who-knows-what, Under Armour saw only an inspired homage to the Free State.”

If you’re a Maryland fan, you just hope the uniforms can give the team a lift.