Bench max: 405

40-yard dash: N/A

Runner-up school: “I always wanted to go to Maryland.”

Other schools considered: North Carolina State

Favorite NFL player: Patrick Willis

Favorite NFL team: Washington Redskins

Favorite all-time Terp: Vernon Davis

Favorite music: Eminem, 2 Chainz, Jay-Z

Favorite movie: “The Wood”

Favorite book: “Slam!” by Walter Dean Myers

Favorite TV show: “Family Guy”

Favorite food: Macaroni and cheese

Favorite high school class: English

Other high school sports: “I played basketball, but not this year.”

Hobbies: “Drawing, listening to music and working out and football”

Intended major: Undecided

Something that not many people know about you: “That I can draw.”

Best football moment: “Winning my first championship my senior year.”

Role model:  “My mom because she works so hard to support all of us as a single mother.”

Why Maryland? “I wanted to stay close to home and my mom. And the defense they run is close to what my school runs now. I feel like I can thrive there.”