Maryland coordinator Gary Crowton's contract released -- $500,000 guaranteed pay

The Baltimore Sun

Maryland offensive coordinator Gary Crowton has the highest salary of the nine Randy Edsall assistants -- $500,000 guaranteed plus various incentives.A copy of his contract was released by the school today as part of Maryland Public Information Act requests by The Sun and other media.Crowton's three-year deal (ends Dec. 31, 2013) calls for $375,500 in base salary and four annual installments of $31,250 -- one each for radio and TV appearances, personal appearances, fund-raising and endorsements. That totals $500,000 in guaranteed pay. As with other assistants' contracts, there are some possible increases built in, as well as a series of bonus targets.The other eight assistants' pacts were released earlier in the week. You can check out the PDFs of the contracts to the left under the 'Related' header.Defensive coordinator Todd Bradford's deal totals $350,000 in guaranteed pay.I noted earlier that the contracts are being released -- coincidentally -- as Maryland is engaged in a "top to bottom" review of Edsall's program. Those connected to the program have not ruled out the possibility of changes to Edsall's staff following a season in which Maryland lost its last eight games. Edsall's job is safe.

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