Maryland football uses media quotes as motivation

The Baltimore Sun

When sports teams aren’t going well, their coaches sometimes ignore the media. Or at least claim to.

Former Maryland football coach Ralph Friedgen said he never read the newspapers. Then he would complain to me that the Terps weren’t getting enough coverage. I could never figure that one out.

Other coaches take their frustrations out on the media in difficult times. Still others try to use the media to their advantage.

Consider Maryland in the latter category -- at least to a point.

When the media took a tour of the Gossett Football Team House today, I couldn’t help noticing that there were square, white pieces of paper bolted to some of the equipment in the weight room.

On further inspection, I noticed they were excerpts from media stories from last season. And not flattering ones.

Here was one from the AP’s David Ginsburg excerpted from his Boston College game story: “Maryland has lost four straight by a total of 52 points. One more defeat and the Terrapins will be mathematically eliminated from bowl contention.”

Here was another from the Washington Post’s Eric Prisbell from the same day (Oct. 30): “Saturday's game, which included a combined six turnovers, will be remembered for a torrent of rain, snow, missed tackles and dropped passes. Maryland's performance best encapsulated a season's worth of on-field struggles and apparent fan apathy and frustration.”

For the Terps, I guess the point is to use all those nasty memories and get mad enough to do one more repetition.

By the way, I don’t think the media has any problem with its stories becoming bulletin-board material. If the stories are fair and accurate and the writers’ names are spelled correctly, I’m all good with it.

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