Duke will unveil new uniforms against Maryland on Feb. 15

The Baltimore Sun

Duke fans get enjoyment from chanting that Maryland is "not our rival" and, based on some of Mike Krzyzewski's comments about the Terps' move to the Big Ten, it doesn't seem like the Blue Devils intend on getting too nostalgic about the upcoming end of the teams' feisty series.

But when Duke and Maryland play their final regular season game as ACC foes on Feb. 15, the Blue Devils will be unveiling a special new look.

That game will be Duke's first wearing new Nike Hyper Elite Dominance uniforms that were revealed Thursday.

Other teams that will be sporting the old-meets-new retro look include Michigan State, Ohio State, Kentucky, Syracuse, Oregon and North Carolina.

There's been no word on whether Maryland will commemorate its final foreseeable game in Durham with a special look from Under Armour.

We at least know the local supplier can afford it.

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