Did the Terps telegraph their plays during the Florida State game?

The Baltimore Sun

Maryland coaches noticed something unusual when they reviewed the game video from the 63-0 loss to Florida State last Saturday.

Before Maryland would snap the ball, Seminoles defensive lineman Mario Edwards Jr. would occasionally point to the sky as if signaling that he knew a pass was coming.

Was Maryland somehow telegraphing its intentions to run or pass? Maryland offensive coordinator Mike Locksley said today that the Terps need to avoid any pre-snap behavior or stances that give the defense clues.

Edwards was quoted in multiple media accounts saying he had noticed that Maryland’s linemen squared their feet if it was a run and had a more angled stance on pass plays.

“Obviously, it’s disappointing,” Locksley said. “That’s a pretty basic premise that as an offensive lineman, your stance has to be consistent, no different than a receiver when it’s a run-play not coming off the ball. Or a quarterback when it’s a pass licking his fingers, or when it’s a run getting underneath there and not licking his fingers.

“They said they were able to tell the difference and we’ve got to get those types of things corrected to not give our opponents any unneeded advantages. I don’t know if it’s as noticeable as maybe they seem to make it. I saw [Edwards] on tape a couple times pointing to the air like hey it’s a pass. But I didn’t see him do that every single pass. Was he able to definitely get it? Probably. If it’s there, we’ll get it corrected.”

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