After Stoglin scored 28 points in Saturday's win over Virginia Tech, Hokies coach Seth Greenberg said Stoglin — who shot 9-for-21 — "plays for both teams."

Greenberg seemed to want to clarify his remark a few days later.

"That was a compliment," Greenberg told reporters. "People have taken it as a shot. I meant that he's fearless. The guy made two ridiculously tough shots with people all over him. He does that every game. He has the ability to make tough shots."

Like Turgeon, Stoglin can be blunt. He was asked in early January how he accounted for his defensive improvement since the season began. He said candidly that Turgeon had told him that he wouldn't play unless he guarded better.

It's hard to tell which came first for Stoglin this season — the scoring or the swagger. He has 20-plus points in 14 games this season. He is adept at scoring in the lane, surrounded by bigger players, or hitting from the beyond the arc. He has made six 3-pointers in a game three times.

"I think he wanted to put himself in better shape, so he's a lot stronger coming down the stretch," teammate Pe'Shon Howard said.

"We mess around here, and I've seen him make floaters from half court [in practice]," Howard said. "It just comes so natural to him. It's just like breathing."

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