Weller declined, but kidded that she thought about taking Summit up on her idea when Summit was about to reach her 1,000th victory.

Williams said he came to Maryland mostly for the opportunity to play at Cole. As a junior, Williams scored 17 points against South Carolina by making all eight of his field goal attempts, a record that stood for more than three decades.

"We lost by one, we got robbed on a call," said Williams, who felt that way a few times during his coaching career at Maryland, too. "It was one of those games where you want to walk up to the coach and say, 'See, I could score a lot more if [they] let me shoot.'"

Asked whether that was his career high, Williams smirked.

"By far," he said.

Williams wasn't the only high school student impressed by Cole Field House. When Ryan Tommins was growing up in Ellicott City, he came with his family to a number of games, including the last one played against Virginia

"I saw the students lining up, and that was the night I decided I wanted to come here," said Tommins, now a Maryland senior.

Tommins and some of his friends got to Cole Field House at 6 a.m. Friday to line up. There were only a handful of other students there, including Tyler North of Cambridge.

North, a junior, and three fellow students slept in their cars in the parking lot outside the arena. Though he started watching the Terps back in the days of Dixon and the championship team, he had only seen games at Comcast.

"This and last year's Duke game are the highlights of my three years here," North said.

It was a night when Williams and Driesell put their seemingly petty, two-year feud aside. It started when Driesell said that the court at Comcast Center should not be named for Williams, a statement that Williams resented at the time. But they put their differences aside for one night to celebrate their history.

Turgeon gave his own tribute to his two most famous predecessors as he walked onto the floor, giving both Driesell's "V" for victory sign and the trademark fist pump with which Williams entered both Cole Field House and later Comcast Center during his 22 seasons.