But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Beating West Virginia is going to be tough enough.

Must-win? Maybe not completely, but very close.


Which football recruit is most likely to see a senior-year bump in national acclaim?

Jonas Shaffer: Given the scarcity of so-called “skill position” players among Maryland’s 11 commits in the Class of 2014, this should be a hard question. High school game recaps typically pass on the number of pancakes, say, Brendan Moore had out in Austin, Texas. Much more likely, and much easier to study and evaluate, is the number of passing yards from someone like Will Ulmer.

Fortunately, given the early returns out in Danvers, Mass., this isn’t a hard question. Johnathan Thomas is determined to make you notice him, even if that means breaking nine tackles a run to do it.

(Seriously, watch that highlight. Thomas goes from playing football to playing “Snake” in a split-second, turning a 17-second clip into a referendum on tackling in Massachusetts private school football.)

In a Boston Globe story recapping that same game, the reporter opens his story by saying Thomas “might as well have been darting through traffic in a sleek Porsche Carrera, while everyone else was playing catch-up in a sputtering Oldsmobile.” After seeing that highlight, would you disagree?

Thomas is, on average, a high three-star recruit, but with the way he’s running, that could change by National Signing Day. Now all the Terps need to do is hope Thomas keeps pinballing to stardom — and stiff-arming the schools who’ve found they’d like to have him, too.