Sasho Cirovski likes quick turnaround after Maryland men's soccer loss to Wake Forest

The Maryland men’s soccer team may still be smarting from Saturday night’s 4-3 loss to Atlantic Coast Conference rival Wake Forest, but it won’t have time to dwell on the setback.

That’s because the Terps (6-3-5) are slated to tangle with Drexel (7-5-2) at Ludwig Field Tuesday night. It’s an awfully quick turnaround for Maryland, but coach Sasho Cirovski said he doesn’t mind.

“I’m just happy that we have a game to play shortly after the loss because you want to get back on the field and try to solve some of your problems,” he said Monday. “So this is an opportunity to get better. … This will be an important test for our team to see how they rebound from the mistakes of Saturday.”

The Dragons have made three appearances in the NCAA tournament, including a first-round exit in last year’s postseason. So they are a quality opponent, but does Cirovski wish the Terps could be meeting them in September and not in October in the heat of ACC play?

“When Notre Dame was added to our schedule, we had to move some games around,” he explained. “This game was originally scheduled earlier, but nonetheless, it’s a very good non-conference game. Obviously, it’s coming at a time when we’ve played a lot of mid-week games. Drexel was a tournament team last year, and it looks like they could be a tournament team again this year. So this will be a tough game.”

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