Round 3. Jimmo takes down Pokrajac. He lands a punch or elbow every now and then. Pokrajac looks for a guillotine choke but can't get it. Jimmo goes back to work with sporadic punches and elbows. Pokrajac stands up with a minute left in the round. They clinch again. Dreadful fight. 10-9 Jimmo, 29-28 Jimmo.

Winner: Ryan Jimmo, unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Roy Nelson vs. Stipe Miocic

Nelson is one of the sport's most colorful figures, with his wild beard and big belly. He possesses big knockout power and a great ground game. His career is in a unique position. He enters this fight on a 3 fight winning streak but is a free agent after the bout and has an acrimonious relationship with UFC president Dana White. He stirred up additional controversy this week referring to fellow heavyweight star Daniel Cormier as an Uncle Tom and ridiculing the UFC's title fight policy. Miocic is a 9-1 prospect with a wrestling and boxing background.

Round 1. Nelson comes out swinging heavy punches. Miocic looks for a takedown but can't get it. Nelson then looks for a takedown but doesn't get it. Nelson goes for one of his favorite combinations, a couple jabs followed by a big overhand right that doesn't connect. Miocic counters with a few heavy straight punches. Miocic looks for a takedown and lands a knee in the clinch. They separate and Miocic tags Nelson with some huge punches right the chin. Nelson looks noticeably slowed. Nelson looks for a takedown and doesn't come close. Miocic wobbles Nelson with big punches and has him in trouble against the cage. He is hammering Nelson with elbows and a hard uppercut. Nelson looks very tired and he was beat down in that round. 10-8 Miocic.

Round 2. Miocic lands some big punches and a knee to start round 2. Nelson keeps swinging at air. Miocic is unofficially ahead on significant strikes 61 to 15. Miocic drops Nelson back with more big straight punches. He is beating Nelson up badly. Miocic lands a kick to the body. He lands more punches and a nice knee. Nelson stops a takedown attempt. Miocic connects with a straight punch. Nelson lands a nice uppercut and Miocic circles out of the way. Miocic then answers with a solid three punch combination. Nelson is slow and tired. 10-8 Miocic.

Round 3. Miocic lands another hard straight punch early. He lands another moments later. Miocic is moving at seemingly twice the speed of Nelson. Nelson charges forward looking to land a big power shot but can't get it. Miocic clinches and just grinds on Nelson against the cage. Nelson lands a nice uppercut but Miocic runs out of the way. Miocic lands another nice combination. He nails Nelson with two more big punches against the cage. Nelson is breathing very heavy and Miocic lands a few more punches right to the chin at the end. 10-9 Miocic, 30-25 Miocic.

Winner: Stipe Miocic, unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Rashad Evans vs. Dan Henderson

Rashad Evans built a sterling 17-1-1 record with wrestling and striking heading into his light heavyweight title loss to Jon Jones. His next fight against Antonio Rogerio Nogueira was supposed to get him back on the right path, but instead he suffered the worst loss of his career with a flat performance and baffling gameplan. A loss here would be his third in a row. Henderson, now 42, has excelled in recent years. He won 7 of 8 heading into his last fight with Lyoto Machida, where he lost a close split decision in an uneventful bout. Henderson has an excellent wrestling background but has become reliant on his power punches and legendary chin.

Round 1. Evans starts off the fight with a jab that connects. Henderson moves in with a pair of hard right punches. Evans lands a couple hooks to set up a takedown but he doesn't come close to getting it. Evans lands a few looping punches in rapid succession, showcasing excellent handspeed. Evans clinches and presses Henderson against the cage. Henderson circles out. Henderson drops Evans with a simple jab and looks to finish the fight with big home run punches. Evans is able to avoid the finishing blow and recovers his senses. 10-9 Evans. Henderson landed the most telling blow of the round but Evans consistently scored more offense.

Round 2. Between rounds, Evans' corner tells him to take the fight to the ground and Henderson's corner tells him that Evans can't take a punch. Evans gets a takedown 30 seconds in but Henderson immediately stands back up. On separation, Evans lands three straight nice right punches. Henderson fires back and Evans backs off. Evans moves in for a takedown and eats a couple right hands in the process. He doesn't get the takedown, either. Evans lands another right punch. He's being cautious with his offense so as to not leave himself open to Henderson's power. Evans goes for a takedown but Henderson throws him off with authority. Henderson lands a right punch again late and opens a little cut by the eye of Evans. 10-9 Henderson. Both rounds have been tossups.

Round 3. Evans moves in. Henderson lands a counter right hook but Evans walks right through it and lands a series of punches of his own, one of which briefly drops Henderson to one knee. Evans lands a few nice jabs. Evans ducks down and grabs a single leg. Henderson defends well and Evans has to settle for a clinch against the cage. Evans backs up, lands a few punches, and moves away. Evans clinches again and lands a few punches. Henderson answers with an elbow. They continue to exchange from close range. Henderson misses a wild overhand and Evans connects on an uppercut. 10-9 Evans, 29-28 Evans.

Winner: Rashad Evans, split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).

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