The return of "Full Pack"

New closer Tommy Hunter has evoked comparisons to former Orioles reliever Don Stanhouse with his suspenseful save situations and left Orioles fans scratching their heads over his seeming inability to pitch a clean ninth inning. He certainly has a penchant for drama, but it's possible that the reason he is allowing way more base runners (1.50 WHIP) than he did in a setup role last year (0.985) has something to do with adjustments he has made to reduce his vulnerability to the home run ball. He is mixing his pitches more this season in an effort to get more ground balls and -- perhaps not coincidentally -- seven of the 16 hits he has given up so far were in three appearances on artificial turf. Bottom line: The Orioles have won every one of the 14 games he has appeared in except the April 4 game in which he struck out one batter in a 10-4 loss to Detroit. In other words, don't worry, be happy.
Brad Rempel, USA Today Sports
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