The Hunger Games: Not your average diet book

     Guess I'm pretty out of touch, because when I first heard there was a book and upcoming blockbuster movie called "The Hunger Games,"I thought it was about the season the Orioles took the free hot dog roller out of the press box.

     Of course, it's the hottest thing since Harry Potter, so I guess I'll have to go see the movie this weekend so that I can remain relevant for at least another few weeks. I'm guessing Project X is more my speed, since it would probably remind me of my troubled youth, but I have to admit that the title of this thing intrigues me.

     My whole life has been built around hunger and the quest to satisfy it on any number of levels. I've generally succeeded when it comes to food -- just look at me -- but not so much when it comes to the other important things in life. This is probably because I've put a pretty big emphasis on the food part.

    The story of a couple of overmatched kids forced to join together in a fight to the death for the sake of their impoverished fellow citizens can't help but inspire all of us. Maybe it'll fire up Brian Matusz and Jake Arrieta to lead the Orioles back to respectability.

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