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Shocking development: Bachelor couple on the rocks

    This isn't going cheer many fans of "The Bachelor" -- a group that includes a number of Orioles players, believe it or not -- but I believe that Monday night's final episode and "After the Final Rose" postgame show jumped the shark.

    Really, was there a single Bachelor-phile out there who couldn't predict that Ben and Courtney would be broken up by the time the final show aired?

    Let's review: The Bachelor brings together a couple of dozen hot women who are hoping to find true love ON A TV SHOW!!! They spend weeks getting to know some goof with commitment issues and all proclaim to have fallen in love with him. Then, after it finally comes down to the proposal and tear-jerking acceptance, the supposed future bride or groom watch the series and realize what was going on out of their sight.

    I mean, didn't any of these people watch last year...or the year before? Didn't you love it last year (or was it the year before) when the future non-bride expressed surprise on the after-show that the bachelor was test-driving the other finalists. 

    I'm starting to wonder if they give these people the Wonderlic Test during auditions and just take the 25 lowest scores.



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