Ravens fans will shed no tears for Hines Ward

Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Hines Ward has tearfully announced his retirement after he was released by the team, proclaiming that he will be a "Steeler for life" -- as if that's some kind of badge of honor.

I'm sure there are a lot of Steeler fans who will be a little misty at the thought of him not being around to deliver a key cheap shot and get a retaliation flag thrown on an opposing player. He turned that into an art, but a cheap shot is still a cheap shot. I doubt a lot of fans outside the Steel City are drying their eyes right now.

OK, now that I'm done cheap shotting him on his way out of the NFL, I've got to say something nice about Ward. He was a great receiver and -- like Brett Favre -- he always played with a smile on his face. And, unlike Brett, he apparently knew when it was the right moment to hang up his cleats.

No doubt, there is some more reality TV in his future.

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