Orioles: Perfect timing

     Don’t  know about you, but I think it was darned polite of the NFL to put the Ravens into the Thursday night game in Week 4 and clear the stage for the Orioles to play what probably will be their final regular-season home game of 2012…and maybe even clinch a playoff berth if the stars line up right this afternoon.

     It is more than a remote possibility that they could play one more regular season game here if they are still tied with the Yankees for the American League East lead after Wednesday’s games. The Orioles hold the second tie-breaker for home-field advantage, since they have the better record in the division. The first tie-breaker, head-to-head competition, has already ended in a tie.

     There’s some extra incentive to get something done earlier than that. The Orioles and Yankees could conceivably end up traveling to Baltimore for a one-game playoff, with the loser having to play in the wild card game on Friday – possibly on the West Coast. After that, both wild card teams go home, one of them for good and the other to host the first two games of a Division Series.


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