Orioles: Kings for a day

     When you woke up this morning, I hope you spent a few minutes perusing the American League East standings. The Orioles are only at the top because tied teams are listed in alphabetical order, but first place is first place.

     Sure, it's only one day and, sure, the Orioles actually spent the first couple weeks of the 2011 season in first place. We all know how quickly an undermanned team can come unraveled, but it's okay to allow yourself to enjoy the heady early days of the season. Last year's 6-1 start obviously didn't mean a thing, but fans can only hope for another quick sprint out of the gate.

     Tonight at Camden Yards, Tommy Hunter will try to pick up where Jake Arrieta left off, but he'll have to do it under less adrenalin-pumped circumstances. The Orioles don't figure to draw a huge crowd tonight, though they should get some walk up on a nice evening after such an uplifting opener.

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