Orioles: It got orange in a hurry

If you weren't at Camden Yards on Thursday night and you're wondering just how many Yankees fans were in attendance, the answer is -- not enough to make a dent in the orange blanket that settled over the ballpark. Most of the 46,298 fans who packed the ballpark were wearing various promotional Orioles t-shirts, leaving no doubt who would dominate the conversation.

Maybe Friday night will be different, since the working crowd in New York probably had to wait until the weekend. There were tickets available, so expect some grey and blue in the stands for the second game of the series, but the level of excitement on Thursday has got to carry over after the Orioles shook off an eighth-inning bullpen collapse to hit three homers in the bottom of the inning and move back into first place with a 10-6 victory.

It was an amazing turnaround. Before anybody could say Mother's Day Massacre, Adam Jones, Mark Reynolds and Chris Davis launched mammoth homers to knock the wind out of the Yankees.

Count 'em. The Orioles hit six home runs to celebrate Cal Ripken's night. It doesn't get much better than that.

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