Orioles center fielder Adam Jones expands on being a new dad

Orioles center fielder Adam Jones had a lot to say about his responsibilities as a new dad in my Father's Day column, but he didn't stop there. So, here's a little more from No. 10 on fatherhood and the future.

"My real dad was a military guy ... He was up in L.A.,'' Jones said. "He was around, but not every day. My step dad was around every day, so I had a man in the house to create the structure. At the same time, personally, I want to make sure that my kid gets all the opportunities I didn’t have.

"Not saying my parents didn’t do everything they could to make sure I had everything I needed to have, but I want to make sure he doesn’t miss out on anything and that I don't miss out on anything and he grows up with the same hard-working values that I have to this day."

Jones and fiancee Audie Fugett already have discussed what private schools three-month-old August might attend in a few years, and Adam is pretty confident that the son of a major league outfielder and former women's collegiate basketball player will have some athletic opportunities, too.

"You get to look into the future and it gives you a future,'' he said. "Without having kids, you live every day day-by-day, anything can happen. Now, with kids you can expect and anticipate what’s going to happen in your life because this kid’s going to be in your house for at least the next 18 years."



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