Orioles: This may sound crazy, but...

Don't know about you, but the prospect of the Orioles bringing up a Triple-A outfielder to replace Nick Markakis and trying to get through the next couple of weeks (at least) with a very thin offensive attack just isn't very palatable.

The O's need a spark, and they need to find a way to boost their performance with runners in scoring position, so I think they need to think outside the box here.

Miguel Tejada has been swinging a hot bat at Triple-A Norfolk and he's a high-energy guy who can hold down the fort at third base. Why not call him up to play there, keep Mark Reynolds at first and throw Chris Davis into the outfield?

Admittedly, it's a stretch, since Davis's outfield experience is limited to a few dozen games out there in the minor leagues, but desperate times call for desperate measures. If the guy can pitch two scoreless innings against the Red Sox, he probably can catch a fly ball.

Presumably, the Orioles would take a hit out there defensively, but Tejada should be a defensive upgrade at third and the offensive attack -- which has fallen flat during this recent slump -- would not be quite as decimated as it would with another minor league player or utility guy in the lineup.

Sure, it sounds a little crazy, but so does competing in the American League East with a starting outfield that includes Ryan Flaherty and (fill in this blank from the Tides roster).

Obviously, the Orioles also have the option of trying to make a trade for a veteran outfielder, but might be hesitant to commit to a significant salary with Markakis and Nolan Reimold likely to come back in the next month or so.

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