Even Chris Davis' T-shirt is a big hit with Orioles fans

The Baltimore Sun

Just a head's up. If that "Crush Davis" T-shirt you got at the Orioles game on Wednesday night is too big for you, you might want to consider packing it away in a dry place or trying to make a quick buck on it on the popular auction site ebay.

Not long after Chris Davis celebrated his T-shirt promotion with two home runs in one of the most exciting games of the year -- or any year -- at Camden Yards, the free T-shirts started popping up on ebay and one sold quickly for $75. That's a solid return on your investment of, well, zero dollars.

The price started to drop pretty quickly, since dozens of fair-weather, mercenary, alleged Chris Davis fans rushed to put their shirts up for bid. By Friday, you could get one for maybe $13.99 by hitting the "Buy It Now" button. Still, for an original investment of, well, ZERO DOLLARS, that's still a pretty good return.

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