Can Tim Tebow turn Jets into one big happy family? (Updated)

     The Denver Broncos didn't waste any time dumping Tim Tebow, who reportedly has been traded to the New York Jets to back up Mark Sanchez and bring peace and tranquility to the team's troubled lockerroom.

     It's a smooth move for John Elway, who was able to get Tebow out of the way without causing tremendous angst among Broncos fans who had embraced him during the team's amazing regular-season comeback and playoff victory over the Steelers. Heck, I still want to kiss him for that one.

     Will it work out for everyone? It certainly works for the Broncos, who are gambling that Peyton Manning will be healthy and productive and were looking for an out after Tebow became too popular to replace with any mortal quarterback. It can't hurt the Jets, who will get some positive pub out of Tebow and now have someone to put some healthy competitive pressure on Sanchez.

     Will it work out for Tebow? Doesn't it always work out for Tebow? He gets to play -- at least a little -- on one of football's biggest stages, which can't help but keep his profile high and bolster his terrific charitable endeavors.

     Everybody wins.

     INSTANT UPDATE: Well, maybe not. There are reports late this afternoon that there is a glitch in the Tebow deal and it might end up being voided because of a clause in Tebow's contract. If so, there is speculation that the Rams might jump in and acquire him.

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