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Cal Ripken may have the 'itch,' to coach but Gary Williams is just fine

The Baltimore Sun

Former Maryland Terrapins coach Gary Williams held court before Friday evening’s Maryland Madness basketball celebration at Cole Field House, which presented an opportunity to ask him – in the context of Cal Ripken’s recent comments about getting back in uniform – whether he has gotten “the itch” to come out of retirement.

"Cal never managed … He doesn’t know," Williams quipped. "Yeah, there are things that happen. You watch games and you get into it or whatever. I coached for 44 years. I was really fortunate. I had a great high school job and won the state championship in high school. I got to coach at really good places, starting as head coach at American.

"So, I feel like I’m fortunate. I was really tired – just mentally and physically beat – when I resigned. If I was a professor who could take a sabbatical for a year, maybe it would have worked, but now I'm pretty comfortable with what I'm doing. I'm doing some television and radio. It keeps you involved in the game."

Though Williams said he is content to watch the game from a distance, he conceded that there are those moments when he wonders what it would be like to coach in certain current situations.

"You look at it from a distance and you see some things that you'd like to try," he said. "You still feel like, 'If I had those guys and tried to do this … and that type of thing.' The things I miss … practice is what I miss the most. Some funny things happen in practice. You miss those types of associations with your players. I don't miss a lot of other things."

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