Buck Showalter's Mona Lisa Smile

The Baltimore Sun

Orioles manager Buck Showalter still doesn't know what all the commotion was about after he was caught with a bemused smile on his face as Chris Davis circled the bases for the 31st time this year on Saturday night.

He insists that his lighter side comes out a lot in the Orioles dugout -- or, more often, down in the dugout tunnel -- but he definitely projects a no-nonsense image when the cameras are focused on him. For whatever reason, whether it was a sign of amazement at another Herculean feat by Davis or sheer enjoyment because it came against the New York Yankees, his true feelings showed through and generated quite a reaction both locally and nationally.

Orioles broadcasters Joe Angel and Fred Manfra immediately tried to analyze “the smile.” And it was picked up off the Fox broadcast and replayed as part of the Davis highlight.

If you want to crack a smile, take a look at what SBNation did with the clip.

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