Bonus Brady: Did Brady Anderson really refuse an appendectomy?

     It’s not just an urban Orioles legend. In the middle of his 50-homer season in 1996, Brady Anderson doubled over with terrible abdominal  pain and had to be taken to a hospital in Boston for tests.

     The diagnosis was appendicitis and he was advised to undergo surgery that would have cut out the offending appendage, but also cut a month or two out of the best season of his career.

     “They did the tests they do and came in and said ‘You’re appendix needs to come out.’” Anderson remembers. “I had 32 home runs at the time. My season would have been really nice, it would have been my best season if it had ended there, but I remember thinking ‘There’s no way this can be happening.’

     “A couple doctors advised me that I shouldn’t leave Boston without having my appendix out. But there was one Indian doctor -- I remember this specifically -- he was from India and he was talking to me about things and he said ‘Sometimes, you don’t have to have it out.’ It just gave me a little hope that I didn’t need to have it out right then and I wouldn’t die. That’s all I needed to not have it out.”

      Anderson was hospitalized for a couple of days in Boston and was back in the Orioles lineup four days later.

      “When I left (the hospital), the first doctor that saw me, he was almost trying to not allow me to get on the plane to go home,’’ Anderson said. “He got kind of aggressive, so I had to  just tell him, ‘I’m not doing what you say. So drop it. I play with Cal Ripken, this is what we do.’”


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