Bountygate: Really, Senate should have better things to do

No one should be surprised that in the aftermath of Roger Goodell's "Bountygate" beatdown, a publicity-seeking politician has decided that it's time to waste a bunch of time and money in Washington holding a Judiciary Committee hearing on the subject.

Wow, talk about opening the barn door again after all the cows have been rounded up. Senator Dick Durbin (D) apparently just heard about the Saints scandal, which has been in the news for the past month. Goodell has made an example of the Saints that should prevent this kind of behavior from continuing. The notion that Congress needs to get involved and pass a federal law against bounty systems in professional sports borders on the ridiculous.

Durbin expressed outrage that there was a system in place that rewarded players for hurting other players and pointed out that if such a system existed on the streets instead of on the athletic field, it would be illegal.

This is where somebody needs to inform him that there already is a completely legal system that pays athletes a lot more than any locker-room bounty system to hurt other athletes. It's called the NFL. What Goodell is doing is making sure the sport has control over the actual level of violence.

Of course, what Durbin is doing is ripping something from the headlines to get his name in the news.

Maybe somebody can bring me up to date because I obviously have not been paying attention. Don't we have 8-plus percent unemployment, a staggering budget deficit and $15 trillion in federal debt? Did Congress solve those problems when I wasn't looking?

Just wondering?   

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