Ravens: Moving on up

     The Ravens obviously made quite an impression in their nationally televised drubbing of the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday night, because they quickly jumped from No. 6 in the ESPN NFL Power Rankings to No. 3, behind only the Patriots and 49ers.

     Not that there was any doubt about them being an elite team, but they didn’t open the season in the top five. It took the Packers falling all the way from the top spot to No. 6 with their decisive home loss to the Niners on Sunday.

     So, Jim Harbaugh is actually as responsible for the Ravens moving up in the rankings as his older brother.

     Of course, it’s a bit early to really pay much attention to that kind of thing, but if the Ravens are as explosive on offense as they looked against the Bengals, they should be spending a lot of time at or near the top.

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