ACC: Young man Rivers rolls past North Carolina

Just when you think it might be possible for the Terps to inch closer to Duke, you get another glimpse of the future, and it remains bright for the Blue Devils. With their reputation and their terrific recruiting, it may always be thus.

Wednesday night, freshman guard Austin Rivers put on a performance for the ages, which is even more impressive because of his tender age. He scored 29 points against No. 5 North Carolina and delivered the 3-point dagger at the buzzer that gave Duke a truly heart-stopping 85-84 victory. It was such a great finish that I got a little misty watching his dad, former NBA star and current Celtics coach Doc Rivers, go nuts in the stands.

Really, I was still buzzing about Terrell Stoglin's night at Clemson on Tuesday, which featured some pretty clutch play. But Rivers led the Blue Devils to an early lead and then led them back after North Carolina rebounded to take a big lead into the final minutes of the game. Just an unbelieveable finish.

I know that nobody wants to hear anything good about Duke, but the Blue Devils were trailing by 10 with 2:38 to play before staging a terrific rally. They love to shoot from the arc, but this was ridiculous.

Maybe that doesn't bode well for the Terps when they visit Durham for Saturday's game, but who knows. Maybe Duke will be so drained from that unbelievable road win -- or maybe they used up all their 3-point baskets for the week -- and the Terps will score a stunning upset to earn a signature win for Mark Turgeon.

The way things have transpired around the college basketball world the past few weeks, I wouldn't rule anything out.

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