No, it's not fine. It's incomprehensible. This wasn't a close fight. Pacquiao won the fight easily.

An honest investigation would reveal that, but that's assuming anyone in boxing cares about honesty. We'll move onto the next scandal soon enough.

Does it really matter?

Ron Fritz

Baltimore Sun

Sure, why not? You can even call it a task force. Does it really matter? Let Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley slug it out again and maybe this time Pacquiao won't leave it in the hands of apparently incompetent judges. Pacquiao dominated the fight, throwing — and connecting — with way more punches than Bradley.

Fight promoter Bob Arum can scream all he wants about the injustice, but he's likely to get what he wants — another fight. Any time you involve the human element there will be mistakes. Just take a look at some of the horrific calls by major league umpires every day.

So let Pacquiao and Bradley fight again. Maybe this time Pacquiao won't leave it up to the judges.