Don't kid yourself—everything's a competition. Even Super Bowl Media Day.

We feel safe declaring Richard Sherman the overall winner. Although he played it cool Tuesday, no doubt he drew the most attention and has an ingenious plan brewing.

Here's how the rest of the day played out.




Marshawn Lynch

By limiting his media session to 6 minutes and 20 seconds, Lynch wins the I Don't Give a [Bleep] award. Plus he avoid some of the weirder "reporters" at Media Day. No loss there.


Jay Cutler

Peyton Manning said he didn't create the "Omaha" audible, adding that it was part of the Denver offense before he arrived. Time for Cutty to snag some back pay. Er, uh, money for charity.


Max Unger

More specifically, Max Unger's facial hair. Bravo to the Seattle center for going full playoff beard. That's a look a hockey town like Chicago can appreciate.


Pete Carroll

In an ESPN survey of NFL players, Carroll was voted as the coach most would like to play for. "I'm surprised by that," said Carroll, who received 23 percent of the votes in an anonymous survey. "But, hey, free agency is a big deal to us," he said. "Maybe that can help us down the road."


Mike Ditka

On Monday, he called the idea of a cold-weather Super Bowl "stupid." Well, Media Day was held INDOORS at the Prudential Center in New Jersey. Victory!