Favorite all-time Terp: Marissa Coleman

Favorite music: Drake, Nicki Minaj

Favorite book: "Small Steps" by Louis Sachar

Favorite movie: "White Chicks" and"Inception"

Favorite TV show:"Pretty Little Liars"

Favorite food: Shrimp and mashed potatoes

Favorite high school class: U.S. Government

Favorite thing about College Park: "Wow, so many. I'd probably just have to say the atmosphere of the campus. As soon as you walk in, it's pretty breathtaking. I've visited a few other campuses, too, but there's really nothing like Maryland's campus."

Hobbies: "I really like to bowl. I'm actually really good. I asked my high school coach if I could do bowling while I did basketball, but it's the same season and she said no. So I just have to get my bowling fix in the summer. So probably that, and I love just going to watch movies."

Intended major: Communications or broadcast journalism

Something that not many people know about you: "I have eight siblings on my dad's side."

Best basketball moment: "Probably when I went to the Maryland elite camp going into my junior year. It was my dream school and I met a lot of great people and fun people, [and made] friendships that I still have. And I was also able to commit to my dream school. I got to play with Alyssa Thomas, [Laurin] Mincy, Natasha Cloud, all those guys. Marissa Coleman was up at that camp, too. It was just a lot of fun."

Role model: "I'd probably have to say my mom and Kobe Bryant. My mom just because she kind of, in a way, had me figure things out in a roundabout way, but in a good way. I never actually have to learn lessons the hard way, and that's just because of how she raised me. She's always there, trying to help people even if she's not having her best day. [I admire] Kobe Bryant just because of the fact that he's always going to work hard and he's always trying to be the best player on the court, no matter if he's on the floor or on the bench."

Why Maryland? "Just because of the family atmosphere, and I would definitely have to say that all of the players have great personalities. They're easy to get along with. I clicked with all of them almost right away. Coach B is unlike any other coach I've ever met. She's just so genuine and sincere. All the other Maryland coaches that helped in the recruitment, they're all just awesome. It's a fun place to be."