NASCAR's McMurray, Montoya prepare for busy Brickyard weekend

Not only will they compete with Chip Ganassi Racing in the Sprint Cup race in late July, they will also team up for the Grand Am race two days before.

SPEEDWAY - Its harder to find something his hasn't driven in than finding a vehicle which he hasn't.

In the end, there was only one.

"Noooooo," said Montoya when asked if he would ever ride a high-powered motorcycle and participate in the Moto GP race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 

We'll, to be honest, he did ride the two-seater on the bike when offered in Indianapolis so in many ways he's done it all. 

Montoya will add to that list late in July when the jumps into the cockpit of Chip Ganassi's Grand-Am machine for the inaugural race for the discipline of racing at the speedway on July 27th. It will be on the same weekend as NASCAR's Nationwide and Sprint Cup events at the Brickyard, but will precede both of those events.

"I was kinda worried because I wasn't sure how the schedule was going to work," said Montoya of competing in the Grand Am event along with his NASCAR obligations. "I heard the cup program is all Saturday, Sunday so you don't have to be running from one garage to another."

When it comes to the sports car race, he won't have to do that to find a teammate either. His teammate for the race will be Chip Ganassi Racing Sprint Cup teammate Jamie McMurray, who won the 2010 running of the Brickyard 400. 

"It's really nice that your not having to run one practice and get in the cup car and then go in the Grand Am car," said McMurray. "The fact that we're doing all the Grand Am stuff in one day and that's over with and then our NASCAR weekend stars, I think that will make it easier.

"You can just focus on one team and work on that particular car."

For McMurray the time spent working with Montoya inside and outside the machine may actually benefit their position as teammates in the full time racing duties. Though both race under the Ganassi umbrella in the Sprint Cup series, they rarely get the chance to work together since they are by nature competitors for victories and points.

"Here, you are literally on the same team, if one of your wins, both of your win," said McMurray of working with Montoya. "I think its a really good relationship builder for us to talk about the car and everything that's going on and both be pulling for the same car to win.

"I think its good for our relationship."

Montoya will be able to provide a lot to it from a Grand Am racing standpoint since the course will be similar to that used when Formula One raced at the speedway. Like that series, the Grand Am race will be in the opposite direction around the track in on the infield course. 

A few turns will be different from what was run when the Formula One machines were in town and figures to produce an interesting challenge for an already busy Brickyard weekend for the Ganassi drivers.

"We're gonna go through turn one backwards and the road course, its a completely different mindset," said Montoya. "I've been here enough in the cup cars to know where to break, you know what to do, you know what you want out of the car. This is completely different. 

"The guys had two days of testing. Jamie running in the morning and a little bit and I'm running in the afternoon and that's it. We don't get a lot of time."

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