Patriots impressed with Colts practice facility

Indianapolis football's main rivals moved into the Colts' 56th street workout facility for the duration of Super Bowl week

Larry Hawley

Hawl 'In

5:23 PM EST, January 30, 2012



Even after making a relatively friendly statement on Monday afternoon, Patrick Chung took about a half second to collect himself.

"It hurts me to say that," said the Patriots safety.

He wasn't talking smack to any Giants players or even ripping on anything else early on in the Super Bowl XLVI preparations.

Chung, in fact, was paying a compliment to the city of Indianapolis-and its resident NFL football team.

"It's very nice, its very nice man," said Chung of the Colts 56th street complex, where the Patriots moved into on Monday and held their first practice."Their indoor facility is very nice there."

Hence why the safety had the pause.

For the past decade its the Colts who have been the AFC Super Bowl XLVI representative's most hated nemesis, with the teams playing a series of close and heated games. But due to the deal made as part of the Indianapolis Super Bowl bid it was New England who was obligated to move into the Colts facility for the next week.

"It felt different," said Patriots running back Benjarvus Green-Ellis of the facility. But once we got out there and got to playing the field was still the same amount of yards. So...business."

For some of veterans of Patriots the realization of their surroundings did kick in for a bit, especially when they got dressed for the workout.

"Just the fact of where we were, being in the Colts locker room," said defensive tackle Vince Wolfork of how much the fact they were in the Colts complex was on their minds. "But other than that, no, nothing."

Once the got to work inside the indoor practice field, according to Patriots cornerback Devon McCourty, the Colts championship banners seemed to disappear in the distance.

"It was a little ironic but for us it was all business," said McCourty. "We went out there, they have a nice facility, and we practiced hard in it and took advantage of being here."

One Patriot player even went out of his way to thank his rivals.

"Yes it looked different," admitted Patriots receiver Deion Branch, who has faced the Colts on a number of occasions in his career. "But we thank the Colts for allowing us to come in and use their facilities. Its nice stuff, man.

"You can tell its a first-class organization. From what we've seen today, first class organization."