Could Chuck Pagano be at the Colts game Sunday?

Owner Jim Irsay tweeted the possibliliy that the coach may attend the Colts' game with the Dolphins Sunday afternoon at Lucas Oil Stadium as he continues to get treatments for Leukemia.

INDIANAPOLIS - After starting the week with an appearance at the Colts Complex on Monday, Chuck Pagano could be ready to take another step back towards the franchise on Sunday.

Early Friday afternoon owner Jim Irsay tweeted that there is a possibility that the coach may attend the team's game on Sunday, the first he would see in person since his beginning has battle with Leukemia.

From his Twitter account, Irsay posted "Chuck is so strong n is endowed with his strength of more than 10 Monsters,that if u happen 2 c him @ LOS on Sun;u wont b imagining things."

On Monday Pagano stopped by the Colts complex to visit with coaches during a break in his treatments. Bruce Arians revealed the news at his meeting with the press on Monday, saying the coach was in good spirits during his couple ohour visit.

"I think it was great medicine for him," said Arians of Pagano's visit to the complex on Monday. "So, he’s doing extremely well and with his white count going up now that he’s ready for a second round of chemo next week now that that count has gone up.

"They’ll hit him pretty good next week and hopefully he’ll be able to be around a little bit more.”

Perhaps a little earlier than many thought, if Irsay is correct.

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