Cody Coll makes the most of his year as a "Student Coach"

"As a coach he's enthusiastic, he makes sure we are ready for our task, we're focused every week, we're ready to go," said senior and close friend of Coll Mitch Alexander. "He wants us to make sure that we're not taking anything for granted because things we're taken from him."

According to Chuck Coll, however, Cody's age actually helped to give an edge to an older coaching staff.

"He is able to provide insight, he provides insight to me, Coach Farmer our defensive backs coach, he works with him a lot," said Coll. "He's been on the field, he's experienced it recently and us old guys sometimes forget what that's like as a player.

"So that's a lot of insight into what we're doing and what we can expect and how we can go about making changes and adjustments."

While coaching in itself was just that for Cody, he hopes in the end it will be his way to help his team without carrying to ball or making a tackle.

"To feel like you contributed to the team would be the goal from a player even as a coach," said Coll. "So if I can get to the end of the season and look back and say 'I did everything I could to help this team out' that would be a great goal to accomplish."

The "Kids" would probably agree.




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