What Manning is doing is remarkable considering all of the trauma and surgical repair his neck has endured. He has energized a Broncos squad that needed an experienced hand.

None of that is to minimize Luck's achievements. The former Stanford star is having a superb rookie season.

For now, what Manning is doing at his age deserves a bigger nod of respect.


Luck doing more with less

Omar Kelly

Sun Sentinel

Andrew Luck looks like the second coming of Peyton Manning. They have similar stats and have led their teams to similar records. The only significant difference is Manning has a 108.6 quarterback rating, which tops Luck's 79.0, and Manning is completing 69.5 percent of his passes to Luck's 56.5.

But Luck has the Colts, who got gutted last offseason, in position to make the playoffs. Manning has taken a playoff team and made them better.

That means Luck has done more with less, which indicates that he's having the better season. If he continues to play like he has, he could have the better career too. He's at least off to a better start than Manning, which hints at the possibilities.