Look for the Packers to stumble either at San Diego on Nov. 6 or against the Lions on what is now a very appetizing early Thanksgiving Day game, or the week after at the Giants, who are capable of beating — or losing to — anybody.

And even if the Packers are still perfect entering a Christmas Day game against the Bears, Mike McCarthy might want to give his starters, especially Mr. Rodgers, a day off — assuming that the NFC North and the No. 1 seed throughout the NFC playoffs are locked up.


Packers could do it

Dan Pompei

Chicago Tribune

Going undefeated is highly improbable. Injuries hit. Bad bounces happen. Opponents rise up beyond their capabilities.

But the Packers are playing well enough to go 16-0, or 19-0, and there appears to be a considerable gap between them and the rest of the NFL. No other team appears to be as balanced or as dominant, or as capable of overcoming adversity.

They have stability, excellent coaching, a difference-making quarterback, multiple weapons on offense, playmakers on defense and remarkable depth.

Teams change over a season, so there is no guarantee that the Packers of December will look like the Packers of October. But it's difficult to imagine this team being anything but exceptional.