It's too early to pull the Tim Tebow trigger, especially with Houston's defense coming to town.

The Jets shouldn't give in to fan pressure, and instead should keep Mark Sanchez as the starter, at least for the moment. Mix in more Tebow, sure, but don't hand him the reins.

There's no question the Jets are in a bad spot, even though they're among the three teams tied atop the AFC East at 2-2. They've lost their best defensive player in Darrelle Revis, and their most dangerous offensive weapon in Santonio Holmes.

But to make a panicked switch to Tebow now just feels desperate — although we know Tebow Time is inevitable, whether it comes this week or not.

Tebow could spark Jets

Dan Pompei

Chicago Tribune

It looks like the Jets may slowly be coming to the realization that Mark Sanchez is not the answer at quarterback. But they apparently are not coming to the realization that Tim Tebow is the answer, either.

Rex Ryan might not have any answers at the quarterback position that he is comfortable with. The Jets are 2-2 and tied for first place in the AFC East. So this is no time to panic. But if the offense keeps going south, eventually it will make sense to turn to Tebow.

He might not be capable of doing what he did for the Broncos last season, but Tebow definitely will be able to provide a spark. He is a special player with a spirit that can bring out the best in his teammates.