Should Johnson be highest-paid RB ever?

Winning is what pays

Ron Fritz

Baltimore Sun

I'm not sure Chris Johnson is even the best running back in the NFL right now. He certainly hasn't put the Titans on his shoulders and led them deep into the playoffs. He was so good last year that the team replaced the head coach.

I know, it's a team sport and he should not be blamed for all of the Titans' problems. He could use a quarterback to take some of the heat off of him. But if he's going to get paid as the best back in NFL history, he has to help the team win some games and, even better, win some playoff games. The last two years the Titans have gone 14-18.

Johnson is a terrific talent and rushed for more than 2,000 yards in 2009 and more than 1,300 last year. But it's possible he could decline more this season. So do you make him the highest-paid running back in NFL history? No way.

He's Titans' meal ticket

Dan Pompei

Chicago Tribune

Chris Johnson's value to the Titans goes beyond making long runs and putting points on the board. He helps keep the pressure off the quarterback by keeping the Titans out of obvious passing situations, no small accomplishment when a team is trying to develop a rookie as the Titans are.

He also provides the quarterback with a reliable receiving outlet, which some backs fail to do. He keeps the Titans' defense fresh by keeping them off the field.

And don't forget this: Johnson puts fannies in the seats. He sells jerseys too. Johnson is the Titans' meal ticket in many ways. He is the most valuable asset the team has.

For all of those reasons, the Titans have to pony up.

Salaries always go up

Dom Amore

Hartford Courant

Should Chris Johnson be the highest-paid running back ever? Could he be considered the best in the NFL right now? Sounds like yes to each question.

Salaries don't go down. They might level off for a time, but the upward spiral is inevitable.

Running backs in the NFL average about 21/2 seasons. Even the great ones, once they lose a step, disappear quickly. Right now, it's Chris Johnson's time. His historic 2009 season, in which he rushed for over 2,000 yards and gained a record-breaking 2,500 from scrimmage, stakes this claim. Last season, he dropped — how could he not? — but still managed 1,300 yards.

The Titans are wise to make him feel wanted, appreciated, and make him the highest-paid runner ever. Now, it's up to Johnson to accept and get back to work.

Titans should pay up

Athan Atsales

Los Angeles Times

Because of the new collective bargaining agreement distributing more money to veterans, we are going to see a lot of "highest-paid (insert position here) in NFL history" stories.

Chris Johnson has played three NFL seasons and, as probably the fastest player in the NFL, has had defenses shivering in their cleats before each snap. .

Despite being the target of defenses, Johnson scored 38 touchdowns over three seasons and became only the sixth player to surpass 2,000 rushing yards in a season. He rushed for 1,228 yards (eighth in the NFL), 2,006 yards (first) and 1,364 (fourth) in his three seasons and made the Pro Bowl each year. Only 25 years old, Johnson is the kind of "home run" threat that deserves the big bucks.

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