John, Jim – or Jack

Dan Pompei

Chicago Tribune

You couldn't go wrong with either Harbaugh. In fact, you probably couldn't go wrong with their father Jack, either, or John and Jim's brother-in-law Tom Crean, the men's basketball coach at Indiana.

All Jim has done is make it to the NFL's final four in his first year and the NFL's final two in his second year. He has taken bold gambles, developed quarterbacks and presided over an unpredictable offense. All John has done is make the playoffs in each of his five years as a head coach, and gone 8-4 in the postseason.

Both are solid football men who have been preparing for the Super Bowl since they were kids watching game film in their basement with their father.

Jack is ultimate coach

Ron Fritz

Baltimore Sun

I want their dad, Jack Harbaugh, to coach my team. I'd pay whatever I had to so he would leave the comfy confines of his basement in Wisconsin to return to this sideline.

Then he'd hire Jim as offensive coordinator and John as defensive coordinator/associate head coach (since he's older), with sister Joani overseeing special teams. Jack Harbaugh instilled his coaching beliefs in his sons and they've won, just like he did as a college coach.

Expect a fierce battle in New Orleans, but one Harbaugh brother will have to lose. And you can bet that the rest of the family will rally around him even while expressing their joy for the other.

Jack is the ultimate coach, but he also seems to be the ultimate family man.

Jim better with QBs

Omar Kelly

Sun Sentinel

The new NFL is a quarterback-driven league. The teams that showcase them, and the coaches that produce them are thetop shelf entrees.

Jim and John Harbaugh have done a good job grooming quarterbacks during their tenures, but if I had to pick one to lead my franchise it would be Jim.