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Ravens are among four teams who are still in decent position for the two AFC wild-card spots

At some point this week, the NFL will send out potential playoff scenarios for teams heading into Week 16. It will outline all that would need to happen for certain teams to clinch postseason berths.

The 8-6 Ravens know this much: If they are able to win Saturday afternoon against the Indianapolis Colts and again at M&T Bank Stadium on Dec. 31 versus the Cincinnati Bengals, they’ll secure one of two AFC wild-card spots.

Below are the four top contenders, their current seeds and their remaining schedule:


Conference record: 7-4

Remaining games: vs. Los Angeles Rams (10-4); vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (10-4)

Key fact: The Titans have the tiebreaker over the Ravens by virtue of their 23-20 victory against them on Nov. 5.


Conference record: 6-4

Remaining games: at New England Patriots (11-3); at Miami Dolphins (6-8)

Key fact: The Bills currently have the sixth seed over the Ravens because of their strength of victory, but the common opponent tiebreaker would come into play first when the Ravens and Bills each have four common opponents. That will happen Saturday, when the Ravens play the Colts.

NO. 7 RAVENS (8-6)

Conference record: 6-4

Remaining games: vs. Colts (3-11); vs. Bengals (5-9)

Key fact: The Ravens don’t need any help. They are in the playoffs if they win their final two games.


Conference record: 4-6

Remaining games: at New York Jets (5-9); vs. Oakland Raiders (6-8)

Key fact: After missing a chance to take first place in the AFC West with Saturday’s loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, the Chargers now need to win out and get a good bit of help to get a wild-card spot.



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