Why didn't the Ravens call timeout before Joe Flacco's interception?

The Baltimore Sun

Why didn't the Ravens use any of their three remaining timeouts at the end of the first half prior to quarterback Joe Flacco being intercepted by Broncos cornerback Chris Harris?

It amounted to a 14-point swing during the Ravens' 34-17 loss Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium as Flacco quickly attempted a pass intended for wide receiver Anquan Boldin.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh said Monday a decision was made quickly to try to prevent the Broncos from substituting defensive personnel.

"That’s a split-second decision that you make," Harbaugh said. "The idea there, it’s a strategy choice that we make to keep them on their heels. It has nothing to do with how many timeouts we have. We made a decision there that they were on their heels, they were trying to make a substitution, and we noticed that, so we wanted to get on the ball and run a play.

"Hindsight, outcome? Absolutely. Huddle up and regroup. That’s a pretty easy assessment at this point. From an outcome standpoint, I wish we would have done it differently. But it’s not something we’re going to throw out of the playbook."

Second-guessed about not attempting a two-point conversion iin the fourth quarter while trailing by 17 points following tight end Dennis Pitta's 61-yard touchdown catch, Harbaugh stuck to his guns Monday.

"To me, it’s a simple decision," said Harbaugh, who had kicker Justin Tucker kick the extra point followed by an unsuccessful onsides kick on the ensuing kickoff. "Your chances of making three two-point conversions in a row are lower than your chances of scoring two touchdowns and getting a field goal.”



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