* CBSSports.com's Will Brinson thinks that a Ravens-49ers Super Bowl -- the HarBowl, Part II -- would be the least appealing championship matchup.

But how quickly would the "They're Related!" storyline get old? It might take a day, maybe two tops. Trust me, with that much free time you'll be sick of it before media day even happens, and don't even get me started on the players.

* CBSSports.com's Jason Butt gave the Ravens a B for their win over Houston.

In vintage Ravens fashion, the offense couldn't sustain any drives but the defense was dominant. Baltimore turned four Houston turnovers into 17 of its 20 points. CB Lardarius Webb picked off two passes, his second a key interception that stalled a Houston attempt in the fourth quarter.

* CBSSports.com's Clark Judge delivered his two cents on what the Ravens have to do better vs. New England.

If Baltimore puts as little pressure on Brady as it did T.J. Yates, the Ravens are cooked. They didn't sack Yates and barely touched the guy, and that's not how you beat Brady. Rewind Baltimore's victory over New England in the 2009 playoffs -- Brady's first home playoff loss -- and you'll find pressure, with Brady sacked three times and intercepted three times. Of course, there's a disclaimer. He played with broken ribs that afternoon.

* Yahoo! Sports' Les Carpenter says that the Ravens' real test awaits Sunday in Foxborough.

They’ve been here before, on the doorstep of the Super Bowl only to find the mat yanked from beneath their feet at the most inopportune time. And the Patriots, whose defense made them appear vulnerable for most of the season, suddenly look like monsters again. Isn’t that just Baltimore’s luck?

* FoxSports.com's Jen Floyd Engel wrote that the Ravens defense bailed out Joe Flacco again.

He may not have been a great quarterback but he was good enough and he had the courtesy to say thank you. Hauling around Flacco's butt has to be exhausting, and this Ravens defense does it with little complaint.

* NFL.com's Michael Lombardi was impressed by the Ravens' win over Houston.

I love that the Ravens can gain just 227 yards, convert only 11 first downs and go 4-for-16 on third down -- and still win the game. When a team can win with such a lackluster offensive effort, it's tough-minded, opportunistic and competitive. The Ravens' past two opponents (Cincinnati and Houston) have looked like the better team, but both times the Ravens found a way to win. It might not look pretty, but a win's a win in this tournament.