Veterans Stokley, Clark set for increased role against Panthers

The Baltimore Sun

With both wide receiver Brandon Stokley and tight end Dallas Clark recently joining the Ravens, the process of getting them acclimated to a new offense has been the top priority.

Stokley was involved in a limited package of plays during a 27-23 win over the Atlanta Falcons last week. Clark didn't play at all after participating in just one full practice prior to the game since he signed his contract last Tuesday.

It should be a different situation Thursday night against the Carolina Panthers at M&T Bank Stadium when both veteran pass-catchers are expected to play extensively.

“Hopefully, we’ll get them a few more snaps," Ravens offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell said. "They’re coming along within the offense. ‘Stoke’ is learning his position. He’s one of those guys who’s been around the league a while. Anytime that you’ve been in multiple systems, there’s a lot of times that you can find something that you can correlate it with, so it does make learning easier.

"He’s a smart guy, anyways. He’s a coach’s son, so he’s been around football a long time. Dallas is also learning. He’s getting a good feel for what we do. We’ve immersed him in it and tried to get as much out of him as we possibly can. Both guys, I think, you’ll see their reps go up this week.”

It's been an adjustment for quarterback Joe Flacco, getting accustomed to two new targets. So far, he seems to be building some timing with Stokley and Clark. He connected with both receivers for some completions in traffic at practice Monday.

“Some of the guys are young guys that are new. Some of the guys are older guys like Stokley and Dallas that he’s getting a feel for," Caldwell said. "He’s got his work cut out for him in that regard, but I think you can see them starting to blend and jell. Those last two periods we had were pretty sharp with a number of different young guys that were taking part within the practice scheme also.

"It just takes work. I think you see him out there early throwing to Dallas, working with him on some different routes and things of that nature. He does the same thing with Stokley. Every time they pop up in one-on-ones you see him move over and take a couple of extra throws, because he’s trying to get accustomed to not only those two, but also a lot of our young guys.”

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